Technical Data

To select the correct Hercules Trommel for your application please use the table below. As many of the following variables will help this.

• Capacity in Tonnes per Hour

• Bulk density of the feed material

• Maximum feed size

• Minimum screen opening

• Maximum screen opening

You may find that certain requirements overlap from one size of machine to the next. For example a capacity of 400tph with a maximum feed size of 1000mm. The capacity sizes the Trommel as a 1.8, but the maximum feed sizes the Trommel as a 2.1. Unless the feed size could be reduced to suit the 1.8 Trommel then the 2.1 would have to be selected.

Screen openings can be dependent upon either the stone size or the weight of material that is required, please contact us for guidance on this.

Plant capacities are based in metric tonnes of average feed material weighing 2700kg per cubic metre of a size that will readily pass from the feed hopper without bridging. Capacities may vary by 25% depending upon the type of material, gradation of feed, method of feeding, moisture and clay content, bulk density and friability of the feed. Excessive under size may cause packing and excessive wear. It is not recommended to continuously feed maximum size stone.If screen openings below 100mm form a large percentage of the overall barrel length capacities may vary by 30%. The maximum feed size stated is the maximum dimension along the longest face of the feed material.