Mobile Trommel

The road towable Mobile Trommel is designed around its bigger brother the Static Trommel. It incorporates many of the the proven featuresof the Static Trommel whilst maintaining the flexibility of the Mobile status. The feeder is of the reciprocating type powered by hydraulc cylinders, this gives a controlled feed into the barrel for even the most difficult material. The feed hopper is made from abrasive resistant plate to help prolong its life and folds down for travelling. The barrel is 8M long giving the option to produce up to four products plus oversize.

The Trommel chassis sits on a skid mounted frame that comes complete with side platforms to give access to drive and support rollers. Feed is either by excavator or wheel loader, this helps to keep the feed ramp to a minimum.

Key Features


The Trommel is ideal for the screening of all types of material from quarries, mines and recycling. The design of the barrel helps to make it self cleaning giving the required product at the first attempt. From the cleaning of contaminated material with moisture, dirt and clay to sizing for rip rap and sea defence stone.



The barrel section is supplied on a road towable chassis. This comes complete with tri-axle running gear and 50mm king-pin. Apart from the barrel the chassis is also fitted with the drive and support rollers, feeder and feed hopper. In some parts of the world either the feed hopper or barrel may have to be removed to meet with local road laws.


The machine is supplied in three major parts, the road towable chassis, skid frame and powerpack. Dependent on how the machine has been transported it is possible to have it up and running in 6 to 8 hours.


The feed hopper is manufactured from abrasive resistant plate to help extend its life. It comes as standard with hopper extensions that fold down for transport. The reciprocating feeder is powered by hydraulic cylinders and gives a controlled feed into the barrel. The feeder has proven itself to be best suited for all types of materials.



The barrel is driven directly by two of the four support rollers. These are fitted with hydraulic motors which offer full control of the rotation of the barrel to suit the application. The rollers are heavy duty and have been designed to withstand both the loading of the material and also the tumbling action of large pieces of rock.


All Hercules Trommels give high efficiency screening of difficult materials. The  Trommel is a proven technology with low maintenance and no permanent operator. Thus achieving low operating costs and costs per tonne. The design is customisable to suit the application giving the customer full confidence of the machine.


Quarry overburden cleaning.
Rip rap and sizing for sea defence.
Cleaning and removal of fines before crushing.
Cleaning of dirt and clay with high moisture content.