Mobile Trommel helps Waste Management Park expand.

Stelex Engineering Limited has installed an HT182M into an old quarry in the heart of England. The Trommel is being used to expand the quarry at the Waste Management Park. The feed is highly contaminated limestone from the quarry, removing the high clay content, with the clean stone being fed to a jaw crusher to produce an all in sub-base/fill material or sized products.

The barrel sizes are designed to cope with the customers demanding wet and sticky feed material without blocking the apertures while maximising production levels in all weather conditions.

Material is brought into the waste management park for sorting into various recyclable products, non-hazardous and inert waste being sent to landfill. The fines from the Trommel being returned to the landfill to help form the clay liner and capping layer. Any gasses generated by the landfill are collected and are used as fuel to power an electric generator on site.

The Trommel is supplied with a CAT diesel hydraulic powerpack which means that the trommel can operate stand-alone in the quarry where there is no mains power.