Hercules Trommel produces four large sizes.

One of Stelex Engineering's dealers has installed a static HT182 into one of his own quarries. The dealer was so impressed with the design and build quality of our machine that he saw the benefit of installing one into his own quarry.

The 8M long barrel is split into four sizes of 2M each. The first 2M is removing the fines with 100mm openings, this goes into a chute and via a conveyor for further processing. The following barrels are 420mm, 525mm and 625mm and are diverted to alternate sides of the machine by chutes. The customer also purchased an alternative barrel of 260mm to add to the machines versatility.

The powerpack was upgraded to cope with the high ambient temperature that the machine is working in. The stone is hard and abrasive which was all taken into account with the design and build.