Ten years old and counting.

Our first machine that was designed to incorporate all of our new designs reaches a major milestone. Stelex Engineering Ltd recognised some of the issues with the old design of Hercules Trommels screen and went through a major re-design of the machine. Changes were made in all areas to ensure that the machine would have an improved life time and be more productive. This has been well proven as to date the Trommel has had over 11,000,000 of material pass through it.

This machine was the first to incorporate these ideas and what a success this has been. The Trommel is the critical part of the quarry's processing plant. The Trommel is the first point of contact for the material from the quarry face to enter the processing plant. The Trommels tumbling action separates the Hassock (clay and sand) from the hard Kent Rag-stone.